Coconut Fudge Balls

The idea for this recipe came to me during a time when I was hungry and had been recently eating shredded coconut as a snack between meals. I wondered if I could combine it with a fudge sauce and make something quick, tasty and snacky; it worked!

Method Overview

  1. Melt butter and sugar together with flavouring until it starts to bubble
  2. Add milk to make a smooth sauce
  3. Add coconut and oat flour
  4. Shape into balls and freeze for 20 mins
Chocolate coconut fudge balls on a tray, about half-way through the freezing process. They were finger-formed into balls about 3cm in diameter.

Ingredients (Chocolate Fudge Balls)

Makes about 20-30 coconut fudge balls.

Ingredients (Honey Fudge Balls)

As for chocolate fudge balls, but remove cocoa powder and replace sugar with 40g honey.

Ingredients (Raspberry Fudge Balls)

As for chocolate fudge balls, but replace cocoa powder with 5g freeze-dried raspberry powder.

Ingredients (Butterscotch Fudge Balls)

As for chocolate fudge balls, but without cocoa powder.



  1. Put the butter, sugar, salt and flavouring into a saucepan.
  2. Melt the butter while stirring to dissolve the sugar a little bit into the butter.
  3. Heat up further until the melted butter mixture starts bubbling. Mix while bubbling for an additional 30 seconds (for butterscotch fudge balls, mix while bubbling until the mixture changes colour from yellow to a light brown, about another 3 minutes).
  4. Take the saucepan off the heat and slowly stir in in the milk. If the cooking has worked properly, then a taste with a spoon should reveal a smooth, non-grainy fudge sauce.
  5. Mix in shredded coconut up to the level of the sauce.
  6. Mix in ground oats until the point where the sauce mixture stops feeling sticky, or until it just stops binding together
  7. Collect up blobs of the mixture using a teaspoon, and form into balls about 3cm in diameter.
  8. Place balls onto a tray, and then freeze for 20 minutes.
  9. Transfer balls to a container and keep refrigerated until ready to eat.

I hope you enjoy your coconut fudge balls!